Outdoor Adventures and Retreats.

born from the desire to adventure more.

Heart & Lava is born from a desire to adventure more, and bring like minded people together to do the same. With world-class, adventure-ready environments on our doorstep, and the absence of anything similar offered locally, the Heart & Lava team is excited to showcase their full range of Unknown adventures.

Our offerings range from fully equipped and fully guided multi-day retreats, to bare-bones trail running adventures. Our adventures are located predominantly in the Scenic Rim, Queensland, making the most of this region’s variety of natural environments.  We will continue to explore other domestic and international offerings.

Heart & Lava is nature-based adventure tourism, sitting at the nexus of leisure travel undertaken for the purpose of experiencing natural environments, travel and connection with nature, involving a certain degree of risk requiring specialist skills and physical exertion.

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Meet the team

We are Sarah, Tristan and Bec and together we founded Heart & Lava. 

While we are all passionate about the outdoors with many years of adventures racked up between us, each of us draws upon our own unique experience and background across our adventures and retreats. Sarah draws upon her Pilates training to hold one-on-one bio-mechanics sessions alongside campfire yoga sessions, while Tristan takes the lead on the trail runs and hikes, illustration workshops and other reflection activities, drawing on his decades of professional practice as a designer, illustrator and facilitator. Bec, who has spent much of her life in different outdoor environments, brings her confidence, expertise and organisational skills to supporting people to feel at home in potentially “uncomfortable” spaces.

We look forward to meeting you. 


Mind+place+body Experiences

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Learning about the unique local ecologies of each adventure location to offer new perspectives on our natural environment.

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Walking or running, Heart & Lava will make the most of the world class trails found in our adventure locations.

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Mini-book clubs, illustration and reflection sessions provide another way for adventurers to engage with each other.

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Supporting people to understand their bodies through rapid assessments that can then be applied to other physical activities.

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Walls are central to Heart & Lava. Climbing, abseiling or via ferrata, if we can get on a wall safely we’ll be there.

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From sitting around a campfire to eating together, making lasting connections is an important part of our adventures.

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Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is lots of fun! Where our locations have the right body of water, we’ll make sure there’s an opportunity to SUP.

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There are many different ways to map places and know our position in space and time. We build different layers of understanding place to guide a new appreciation of landscapes.