What should I pack? We will send a packing list two weeks out from your adventure or retreat. Mostly, you will need to pack clothes to suit the season, expected weather and the activities.

Will my dietary requirements be catered for? We work hard to ensure that our adventures and retreats can accomodate dietary requirements and allergies. All of our meals are vegetarian with vegan options available. If you have particularly complex needs or are concerned about what we can achieve, please reach out. Please remember, we are working with a camp kitchen, which has its limitations. 

How many blankets will I need? If you are attending a winter retreat, we recommend packing at least one extra blanket or sleeping bag. While our bell tents are cosy and comfortable winter temperatures in the mountains can get low.

Is there reception and power? This is location dependant. Some of our sites have no power and we recommend bringing a battery pack if keeping your device switched on is important to you. Many of our locations have limited or no reception. We recommend letting the people you care about know that you’ll be offline and using the opportunity to disconnect from your devices.

Do I need any outdoor experience? Not for our retreats. All levels of experience are welcome and our activities suit beginners just as well as people who might have a touch more experience. Some experience might be necessary for specific adventures.

What amenities are provided? This depends on the adventure or retreat. Most retreats will provide shared toilets and showers within the campsite. When we are away from the campsite, adventure activities are generally conducted away from amenities so if you need to go it will be a bush wee.

Do you have any fitness requirements or size limitations? This is location and activity dependant. A number of our adventures require moderate overall fitness to ensure that you enjoy them. Some equipment has size limitations, if you are a plus-size person with questions about fit please reach out.  

I have a disability, will I be ok to come? Please reach out to us so we can discuss your specific needs and see if we can ensure that you are able to have fun and stay safe on the adventure you’re interested in. While we are not accessibility experts, we are happy to learn.

Do you have waitlists? Yes! We allow ticket transfers to people on our waitlist up to three weeks before an event. 

Should I get insurance? While we work hard to make sure our adventures are safe, accidents can happen. We recommend considering trip cover for unexpected cancellations and accidents or day insurance such as this one, for your adventure. Please note, we have no affiliation with either company and offer these links as guidance only. Please make sure any insurance policy you buy meets your needs and you understand all inclusions and exclusions. 

What is your refund policy? We are happy to provide ticket transfers (for a $50 processing fee) but we do not provide ticket refunds. If you need to transfer your ticket please reach out to hello@heartandlava.com.au