Hear from Bec, our co-founder

I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that loved the outdoors, we hiked, we walked up mountains, we rock climbed, we swam in the ocean (and I tried to surf – I’m still trying). While this has meant that I have been in a life long battle against gravity, it has also meant that I have always felt like outdoor adventure is something I can achieve. I have the skills and experience to make a plan, know what gear I need and to adapt if things don’t go the way they were meant to (the weather, grumpy 6 year olds, accidents). I can follow maps (thanks to both growing up in the 90s, pre-GPS, and doing Duke of Edinburgh) and I can immerse myself in the beautiful natural world that surrounds us. 

For me, one of the key ‘whys’ of Heart & Lava is to help other people feel more comfortable in the outdoors, whether that’s through finding the right community, being supported to try something new, or being cheered on from the base of the crag.


A grandfather holds his grandaughter in his lap at the edge of a river.

As well as bringing my outdoor experience and love of adventure to Heart & Lava, I bring nearly a decade of experience running my design practice (Relative Creative) with my husband Tristan. 

Form me, Heart & Lava works to correct something that I have found is easy to let fall by the wayside when you’re busy building a career, sitting behind a computer, having kids, or just participating in modern society and that’s the time to give over to the outdoors, to go into the unknown and to really get your heart pumping. 

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