What is a biomechanics assessment

What is a biomechanics session, you ask? Good question! 

In the short version, biomechanics is the study of how we as humans move in space and in relationship to what we are moving over, on, or through. In a biomechanics session with us, we are looking at your anatomical alignment in relationship to your gait, or how you walk. This is the basis for the majority of your daily movement, so it is the movement pattern we need to focus on first for less overall pain in the body.

These sessions start out with Sarah working with you individually so that you can understand which patterns your body is holding currently. It isn’t until we can see where we are deviating away from center, that we can find center within our own posture. Once you can see where you are a bit out of whack, Sarah gives you a few quick and easy tips to help correct your misalignments to work on throughout the rest of the weekend. 

Sarah holds the feet of a pilates participant helping them achieve their pose