The art of campfire chats

We have had many conversations around campfires. We’ve had conversations that have us sitting forward on the edge of our seats. We’ve had conversations that have made our sides and mouths hurt from laughing. We have had conversations that have given us new perspectives. We’ve had conversations that have made us think. 

Is there any art to these conversations? 

Probably not, but there is a few important ingredients to consider. 

First, start the fire. These are generally best made in a fire pit to reduce the risk of the fire getting out of control. Next, bring together a great group of people, ideally give them somewhere to sit (chairs, a log, a blanket). Then, get that conversations going. This might happen naturally but sometimes it might take a bit of prompting. Often questions about the adventures people have been on that day, how they like to toast their marshmallows, or something people are looking forward to can help. You could always get started by telling a really great story. 

Optional extras could include marshmallows (and if you’re lucky maybe even s’mores) and hot chocolate. It’s up to you.


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